A2 995

A2 995

Constructed at Newport Workshops in May 1916 and retired in 1963.

A2 995 displays the Walscheart\'s valve gear fitted to the last 60 members of the class. Exhibit A2 884 shows the earlier Stephenson\'s Valve Gear fitted to the other 125 class members.

This locomotive was converted from coal to oil burning in 1946.

A2 995 has the distinction of running the last broad-gauge Spirit of Progress on April 16 1962. Following this date the service moved to the newly commissioned standard guage and was hauled by an S or B class diesel locomotive.

From their introduction in 1907 to their withdrawal in 1963 the A2 class were a versatile staple of the Victorian Railways, with 185 class members running everything from The Overland to Serviceton, the Spirit of Progress, and goods trains across the state. By the late 1950s the class were progressively removed from service with the introduction of the B and R classes.