ZL 220

Constructed in 1875 as D45 at the former Williamstown Workshops.
Reconstructed in 1954 and removed from service in 1981.
Displays the rare "double roof" applied to some early carriages.

Z vans and their variants were used as guard's vans on a majority of freight and some passenger trains from the 1850s to the 1980s. These vans sat at the end of the train, and the guard would sit on a seat in the "cupola" (raised roof section), looking along the train. In the event of an emergency, or during the early days when rolling stock was not braked, he could apply an emergency brake or use the handbrake to control speed.

ZLP 25

Constructed in 1962 at Newport Workshops.
A new type of brake van constructed for use on passenger and freight services to replace the many older types that were nearing retirement. The old vans were not known for their smooth riding, and after pressure from the Guard\’s Union the Victorian Railways commenced a program of updating or replacing the older types.