The Railway Museum contains Victoria’s most extensive collection of steam locomotives, as well as a number of diesel and electric locomotives, electric suburban carriages, country and interstate passenger carriages, freight wagons, breakdown cranes, and more…


The T class became the most common diesel locomotives of the Victorian Railways.
Constructed in 5 batches by Clyde Engineering, Granville NSW to varying designs.
T367 entered service in February 1964 as the first of the 3rd order. While previous batches had a flat roofline with a cab in between 2 cabinets, this variation saw the \"short end\" nose dropped below window level and sloping away from the locomotive, a trend that would carry on through all remaining locomotives and is still used in locomotive design today.
Some first series T locomotives were later modified with the sloping nose and upgraded engines to become the P class.
Some T (and P) class locomotives remain in service today with Southern Shorthaul Railroad, hauling grain and new High Capacity Metro Trains from Newport Workshops to Pakenham East. They are also popular with preservation railways.